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Adjustable BunkerBridges

Part Number (SKU): BB
Our adjustable BunkerBridges are offered in a variety of sizes and are ideal for freezer bunkers and cooler coffins.  Capture unused air space for new sales or gain new customer solutions by cross merchandising related products.  Rubber coated handles for non-slip grip on rails can adjust from 60-84” and will adapt to any size bunker/coffin. Add signs and price point with our accessories and start watching how quickly you can generate new profits!
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BunkerBridge 10×58“ Weight Test

New Heavy-Duty BunkerBridge (72“ x 7“) for Wine Bottles and Condiments

28×7” Adjustable BunkerBridge Displays for Cross Merchandising in Grocery Stores

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Adjustable BunkerBridges

  • Capture unused 'air space' for new sales.
  • Gain new customer solutions by cross merchandising related products.
  • Be first to market with new products.
  • Increase store sales and profits.

Adjustable BunkerBridges Accessories

Expand the functionality of our displays by utilizing these accessories or add-on products.

Sign Grips


1" Super J-Grip with Adhesive


1" Double J-Grip


Extender Grip

Data Strips


Data Strip with Foam Adhesive
2.5" (DATASTRIP2.5)

Adjustable BunkerBridges

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