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Create New Selling Space Maximizing Solution Selling Strategies

Retail floor product displays catch customers' attention and increase product visibility, leading to more sales and impulse purchases.

Why Our Retail Floor Dislays Sell More Product

At T.M. Shea Products, we like a uniform floor display system because it looks better and sells more product. Superior for floor merchandising, our PowerPillars™, PowerPanels and PlatForms offer a variety of designs, foot-print sizes and many accessories to hold a wide range of products. Our floor displays can be placed virtually anywhere in the store, and the graphics are infinitely customizable to create uniform P.O.S. marketing messaging that matches your store décor or brand. Each display can generate hundreds of dollars in weekly incremental sales!

On the Floor Product Lines

Problem / Solution



One-sided floor displays consisting of different sizes, shapes, colors and materials.
Restricted merchandising capabilities.
Visual clutter.
Promotional displays are difficult to move and easily fall apart.


Replace cardboard displays with PowerPillars™ for uniform merchandising.
Durable floor spinner gives access to all products from any side.
Accommodates a variety of pegged, boxed, bottled and bulk product.
Graphics can be changed depending on seasonal requirements or category/brand strategies creating a more permanent display.


Maximize Sales & Profits in a Small Footprint with Our On the Floor Product Displays

Floor displays are a popular tool used by retailers to increase shopping activity in their stores. These displays are designed to showcase products in an attractive and eye-catching manner, often featuring bold graphics, bright colors, and creative designs. Rotating product display stands, for example, are particularly effective at capturing the attention of shoppers and encouraging impulse purchases. These displays are typically placed in high-traffic areas of the store, such as near the entrance or in the middle of an aisle, to ensure maximum exposure to customers. By drawing attention to specific products, retailers can create a sense of urgency and excitement, which can lead to increased sales.

In addition to driving impulse purchases, floor displays are also effective at increasing purchases near the point of sale (POS) systems. Retail floor display cases, for example, are often placed near the checkout area, where customers are more likely to make last-minute purchases. These displays are ideal for showcasing small, high-margin items, such as candy, gum, and other snacks. By placing these items in an attractive and convenient display, retailers can encourage shoppers to add them to their purchases, increasing the overall value of each sale. Overall, floor displays are an effective tool for retailers looking to increase sales and drive more revenue in their stores.

New On the Floor Retail Product Displays

Revolutionize Your Store Display with Cutting-Edge Product Stands and Spinners - Attract More Shoppers and Boost Your Sales Today!

Boost Your Retail Sales with Eye-Catching Mobile Product Display Stands and Spinners with Custom Graphics - Get High Margin Products Noticed and Increase Impulse Purchases!

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