Improve Your Merchandising Strategy by Taking a

Systems Solution Approach


Are you currently using traditional J-hooks and disposable plastic strips?

Are your disposable plastic strips blocking product on the shelf?

Are you making the most of all possible selling space?

Do your displays provide continuity and are they easy to shop and reload?

Are your aisles easy to navigate?

Are your departments visually enhanced to increase customer foot traffic?


Determine the merchandising and sign systems that will work best for your store or brand.

Identify key locations for displays and signs.

Create graphics that offer a “call to action”, brand awareness or lifestyle imagery that matches your store decor.

Review in-store photo comps created by our graphics department that superimpose our displays and graphics onto your plan-o-gram.


Once a merchandising and in-store marketing strategy is developed, we can provide you with fixtures and prototype signs to rollout a test department or store.

Installation can be performed by in-store personnel or a third party service. We can also assist in the test store setup.

Track sales results and compare them to previous reports; let the numbers speak for themselves!


You will find that turning your unused air space into “new profit centers” will dramatically increase your sales.

Utilizing our displays for in-line and cross-merchandising significantly boosts promotional sales.

Retailers can off-set fixture costs with vendor lease programs and placement fees.

Our displays are very durable and offer both retailers and brand marketers a quick return on investment.