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Peg Board PowerPillar Floor Spinners

Part Number (SKU): PDQ
Cardboard floor displays are meant to be temporary so if you’re looking to replace those temporary displays with something more permanent, our PowerPillar floor displays are very durable, long-lasting and create a uniform merchandising program throughout the sales floor.  Our PowerPillars are 2-sided and give full access to all products from either side.  We offer the PowerPillars in a variety of configurations to fit any budget perfectly.  Our floor displays can accommodate a variety of pegged, boxed, bottled and bulk products.  Custom header graphics and side sign graphics can be changed depending on seasonal requirements or category/brand strategies thereby creating a more permanent display.   Add casters to your display configuration and new profits will roll right in.
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Product Details

Add 12 sq. ft. of merchandising space to your sales floor

2-Sided display spins freely for easy shopping

Use peg hooks, shelves, dump bins and buckets for merchandising

Sign channels on side highlight products (side & header signs sold separately)

The addition of lockable casters allows for display to be relocated with ease.

Product Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H): 18 x 18 x 48

Color: Black

Mount: Floor

Additional Specifications: Dimensions (L x W x H): 18"x18"x48” or 18x18x60” - Spinning with Casters & Sign Channels

Product Tags

18 x 48“ 2-sided PowerPillar Floor Spinner Display

Monster PowerPanels and PowerPillar Floor Spinner Displays

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Peg Board PowerPillar Floor Spinners

  • ‘Lego-like-system’ feature offers versatility to accommodate pegged, bottled, boxed and bulk products.
  • Plan-o-gram floor space to create nearly an additional 12 sq. ft. merchandising and selling space.
  • Spins for easy access to both sides.
  • PowerPillar™ is 60” tall with an 18” footprint and five casters (two locking), and spins for easy shopping.
  • Low Profile PowerPillar™ is 48” tall with an 18” footprint and five casters (two locking), and spins for easy shopping.
  • Easily mount pre-packed cardboard shippers to display a variety of products in a small footprint.
  • Accessories include peg hooks, shelves, dump bins and buckets.
  • Custom header and side signs can be printed on various substrates.

Peg Board PowerPillar Floor Spinners Accessories

Expand the functionality of our displays by utilizing these accessories or add-on products.

Peg Hooks


Plastic Hook with Molded Scan
4" - MPWP-P4S
6" - MPWP-P6S
8" - MPWP-P8S


Metal Hook
2" - MPWP-2
4" - MPWP-4
6" - MPWP-6
8" - MPWP-8


Metal Hook, Black
2" - MPWP-2-B
4" - MPWP-4-B
6" - MPWP-6-B
8" - MPWP-8-B


Metal Hook with Flip-Up Scan
4" - MPWP-4S
6" - MPWP-6S
8" - MPWP-8S

Bucket Rings


Peg Board BucketRax with (4) Rings


6.5" Peg Board Ring
TMS# SS6.5-B



Dump Bins
4"x6"x6" (PWP-PBD-466)
4.75"x6.5"x6.75" (PWP-PDB-4X6)
7.5"x8.75"x9" (PWP-PDB-7X8)
13"x6"x6" (PWP-PDB-13X6)


Dump Bins with Sections
13.5x7x5" Dump Bin with (2) Sections (PWP-PDB-7135D)
13x7x4" Dump Bin with (4) Sections (PWP-PDB-713D)
13x4.5x4" Dump Bin with (4) Sections (PWP-PDB-4513D)


Acrylic Shelves
11.5x6.5" Shelf (PWP-SHF-11X6)
7.5x6.5" Shelf (PWP-SHF-7X6)



18x10" Flat Wire Shelf


Straight Wire Shelf
11"x6" (WS-0610BL-B)
12"x6" (WS-0612TM-B)
16"x7" (WS-0716PBR)


18x10" Angled Wire Shelf

Peg Board PowerPillar Floor Spinners

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