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Merchandise products
down aisles, perimeters,
and check-out areas

  • “Lego-system” feature offers a uniform look to accommodate pegged, bottled, boxed and bulk product.
  • Plan-o-gram floor space to create an
    additional 10 sq. ft. of merchandising and selling space.
  • Low Profile PowerPillar is 50” tall with an 18” footprint and five casters (two locking), and spins for easy shopping.
  • Accessories include peg hooks, shelves, dump bins and buckets.
  • Custom die cut graphics can be created to support a merchandising theme with matching store colors, seasonal/lifestyle graphics or brand artwork.

On The Floor Accessories

Low Profile PowerPillar™

environmental tag line
Our floor displays are environmentally friendly unlike disposable plastic merchandising strips.


Low Profile PowerPillar with
7” curved sign channels


Custom sizes, designs, and colors

Please contact us to inquire about custom options.

(800) 992-5233 or

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