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ON The Floor


  • One-sided floor displays consisting of different sizes, shapes, colors and materials.
  • Restricted merchandising capabilities.
  • Visual clutter.
  • Promotional displays are difficult to move and easily fall apart.



  • Replace cardboard displays with PowerPillars™ for uniform merchandising.
  • Durable floor spinner gives access to all products from any side.
  • Accommodates a variety of pegged, boxed, bottled and bulk product.
  • Graphics can be changed depending on seasonal requirements or category/brand strategies creating a more permanent display.


Why our floor spinners sell more

At T.M. Shea Products, we like a uniform floor display system because it sells more product. Superior for floor merchandising, the PowerPillar™ and Mini PowerPillar™ floor spinners offer a variety of accessories to hold an assortment of products. Peg hooks, shelves and dump bins allow you to merchandise a variety of products. They can be placed virtually anywhere in the store, and the graphics are infinitely customizable to create uniform P.O.S. messaging that matches your store décor/brand. Each display can generate hundreds of dollars in weekly incremental sales!

Custom sizes, designs, and colors

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