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  • Our specialty fixtures allow for merchandising of boxed, bottled, and carded products throughout the store in hard to merchandise areas.
  • DVD, game, and CD pockets for cross merchandising.
  • Custom gravity chutes for branded merchandising.
  • Shelf extenders and baskets allow merchandising space in front of existing products for new products or promotions.


Options are available for every application.

Peg Hooks and Accessories

Specialty Fixtures

Made to Order




Wire Ladder Racks

  • Front facing or back to back configurations to suit your plan-o-gram’s needs.
  • Custom made to order racks are available with a variety of accessories.

Wire SwingShelves™

  • Holds boxed and bottled products.
  • Hangs off all brackets.

Custom Clear Gravity Chute

  • Prototypes and production runs are custom made to your specifications.
  • Product automatically slides down as one is removed.

DVD/CD/Video Pockets

  • Easy to load. Easy to shop permanent secondary placement.
  • Available for SwingStrips®, AMMO®Strips, PowerStrips® and PromoPanels™.

Wire Basket Shelf Extender

  • Mounts on front or back shelf holes.
  • Ideal for bottled, boxed and bulk product.

Made to Order

Metal Shelf Extenders

  • Holds boxed and bottled products.
  • Easily fastens to shelving with supplied hardware.

Custom sizes, designs, and colors

Please contact us to inquire about custom options.

(800) 992-5233 or

Click to send us an email