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Off The Gondola


Unused valuable selling space results in missed sales and profits.


22" Base Deck
- 8" Peg Hooks
14" Unused Air Space


Add gondola displays to:

  • Expand selling space 10-40%
  • Promote new products
  • Increase foot traffic
  • Raise sales per square foot

More Selling Space for Retailers - More Impact for Brand Manufaturers

Off Shelf

Off Wall

End Cap Sides

Our gondola displays take your products off the shelf and make them more visible to customers. Ideal for in-line and cross-merchandising, gondola displays capture unused air space that creates new potential selling space. Whether you choose an off shelf, off wall or end cap side application, each of our innovative patented displays provide a clean look that have been proven to be far superior to traditional J-hooks and disposable plastic merchandising strips. Many retailers and brand manufacturers view our programs as "best practices" for impulse and cross-merchandising. Retailers can create more selling space, and brand manufacturers have the opportunity to not only get their products in the store, but in front of the competition!

Custom sizes, designs, and colors

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