Overstock Deals - Display Components and Sign Holders

Marketing Solutions

Gain placement with high visual impact

Gift Card Displays

  • Corporate Gift Cards
  • 3rd Party Gift Cards
  • Secondary Permanent Placement
  • Cross Promotion Campaigns

Greeting Card Area

  • Metal paddle slides onto plastic greeting card dividers.
  • Use with custom PromoPanels™ or SwingStrips®.

Gift Card ArcArm™ SwingStrip®



Gift Card ArcArm™ Seasonal PromoPanel™



Gift Card ArcArm™ Moon PromoPanel™


Shelved Areas

  • Easily attaches to shelving.
  • Use with custom PromoPanels™or SwingStrips®.
  • Proven to outsell disposable plastic strips and J-hooks.
  • Flex PromoPanel™ gives way to sideways pressure.
  • Custom signs add to the visibility of the display.

Under Shelf SwingStrip®



Under Shelf PromoPanel™



Wire Over Shelf Seasonal PromoPanel™



Under Shelf Flex PromoPanel™



PromoPanel™ with S-Hook


Pegged Areas

  • Attaches to pegboard or gondolauprights.
  • Use with custom PromoPanels™ or SwingStrips®.
  • Proven to outsell disposable plastic strips and J-hooks.

Fixed Off Wall SwingStrip®



Fixed Wire Off Wall Seasonal PromoPanel™


Fixed Wire Off Wall Moon PromoPanel™



Fixed Off Wall MooPromoPanel™



Fixed Off Wall Frosted PromoPanel™


End Cap Side Rails

  • Attaches to end cap side rails or any vertical surface with magnets or removeable adhesive (leaves no residue).
  • Use custom PromoPanels™ or PowerStrips®.
  • Hang off of PowerWing with flat plastic s-hook.

Magnet/Adhesive PowerStrip®



Magnet/Adhesive Seasonal PromoPanel™



Magnet/Adhesive PromoPanel™



End Cap Side Rail Arm PromoPanel™



PromoPanel™ with Flat S-Hook


Multi-Function, Hypermax and Pallet Racks

  • Use with custom PromoPanels™ or SwingStrips®.
  • Proven to outsell disposable plastic strips and J-hooks.

Pallet Rack/Hypermax Swing Strip®



Magnet/Adhesive PromoPanel™



Flex PromoPanel™ with temporary holiday bow


Other Placements

  • Support posts
  • Checkout counter poles
  • Any vertical surface

Magnet/Adhesive PromoPanel™



Magnet/Adhesive PowerStrip®






  • SpeedBars™ are available in a variety of sizes and designs.
  • Rounder SpeedBars™ (22” wide, 15“ high) are ideal for cross merchandising on rounders or 4-way shoppers.
  • Post Mount SpeedBars™ silde into clothing rack holes.
  • 2”, 4” and 6” metal grid hooks are available with or without scan plates.
  • Custom sizes, shapes and graphics are available.

Rounder SpeedBar™



Post Mount SpeedBar™



Table Top SpeedBar™


Floor Displays

  • Changeable Graphics
  • Peg Board Back Holds:
    - Peg Hooks
    - Wire Shelves
    - Plastic Shelves
    - Dump Bins

36” x 20” x 48”
with 6 Casters



PowerPillar™ Floor Spinner
18” x 60”
Spinning Base with 5 Casters



Mini PDQ PowerPillar™ Floor Spinner
14” x 48”
Spinning Base


Custom Displays


Cooler Topper



2 Tier Cooler Topper